Knowing what to expect at your session is important. So here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Do you use essential oils or candles?I do not use any essential oils or burn candles, as many clients and myself are sensitive to fragrances and have asthma or allergies that fragrances trigger reactions to.
  • What kind of oil/lotion is used? I use organic unrefined coconut oil for all massages unless there is an allergy to it. In that case, I use an hypoallergenic creme instead. This is used to ease friction on the skin during the massage; only enough is used to make the massage comfortable.
  • What Should I expect?

    Great question!

    There are 4 parts to the session: paperwork, consultation, session, and wrap up.

    Paperwork: There is some paperwork to do before your appointment. There will be a welcome email sent to you after booking your appointment, with important information, so please keep an eye out for that! The email will include full address, appointment details, a 2-page Intake form for you to print and email back and a copy of my Policies for you to review.

    Consultation: We'll sit down and discuss what's bringing you in, health considerations, what you would like to accomplish in your session and what your long term goals are for working with me, and my recommendations for how to make that happen.

    Session: The best part! My style includes you being dead-weight most of the time. So expect me to pick up your arms, your legs, or to move your shoulder around (without your assistance). This is a time for you to have permission to truly let go, and know that if I move something, it's because I WANT to be the one to move it. If I need you to do something, I'll tell you. Otherwise, just focus on how you feel.

    Wrap up: After your session we'll talk about how you're responding to it, self-care to do at home, and recommendations for follow up sessions.

  • How do I know what to ask for in my session?There is no need for you to know. During the consultation portion of your visit, we will discuss your concerns, expected outcome and goals. It is during this portion, that I will discuss my suggestions based on your needs. I will develop an idea of how to proceed and we will discuss the reasons behind it. However, that plan can change once I start working on you based on what I find in your body. I will always communicate what I find and if my recommendation changes, I will explain why and I will get your approval to change the approach as necessary for your best outcome. The ultimate goal is to help you with your specific concern and provide you with the best possible outcome for you.
  • Do I have to get undressed?It depends. My goal is to help you feel comfortable no matter what techniques are used. Some techniques do not require you to get undressed. However, should I recommend a connective tissue massage or MLD (manual lymphatic drainage), it is important to have direct skin contact so I can apply a lubricant which will allow me to provide a drag on your skin, as well as if cupping is needed. Therefore, I would need you to undress and you will be covered at all times except for the area being worked on. The other techniques do not require you to undress. In those cases, loose fitting comfortable clothes are what should be worn to your session.
  • Can your sessions help ME?

    Absolutely! My session techniques are specifically designed to get to the root of your physical, emotional, or spiritual pain for lasting results. If physical pain relief is sought, one of my massages could be the best approach. However, if the physical pain has an emotional or spiritual tie, then it may continue to return until the other parts are addressed. With an understanding that all healing is SELF HEALING, we need to address all causes of pain and that can only be accomplished when you are fully present inside your body. So I help you to be in touch with your own body from the inside to help to notice and listen to the messages your body is giving to you. To do this most people need guidance and I am here to help you on this path.

    I like to have a phone call with all potential new clients to make sure that we're a good fit for each other and that massage therapy is a healthy option for them. Let's talk about your specific concerns, so give me a call at 315-557-6810 or email me at welcome@mvhealingtherapies.com.

  • I've never had a massage before, so I don't know what to ask for...That reaction is perfectly natural any time you are going into an unfamiliar situation. I know I was nervous for a several sessions when I first started getting massages and other bodywork. I want you to be totally comfortable with what you will experience. I hope that you will ask any and all questions (there are no stupid questions in my book) you may have and allow me to answer them to your satisfaction so that you are as comfortable as possible in our work together as that will allow for the best outcome for you.
  • Do you take insurance?

    I can accept HSA and FSA cards (health savings account or flexible spending account) and I can provide you with a superbill, that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement if you choose.

    I would recommend that you call your insurance company to determine if they will reimburse for CPT codes 97124 and 97140.

    As a solo practitioner, I do not have the means to handle all the necessary paperwork involved with billing insurance companies.