"I honestly cannot say enough about Restore You Massage! For years I have experienced chronic constipation along with arm, neck and lower back spasms. Nothing worked, I tried medicines, chiropractic and exercise, but nothing made my pain or constipation better. BUT, and after one session at Restore You Massage, I have regained my body back! I have no constipation at all! My back, shoulders, and neck feel amazing. Very little arm and hand numbness and I know it will only get better with each massage! My body feels so lightweight and free! The techniques used are based on what I feel and MaryBeth creates a specific technique to use on my body. This is not a one massage fits all, she consults with you, asks you questions, WANTS to help you feel better! She works her techniques on your body in a way that help YOUR body. Each of us is different and this massage is absolutely life changing! I felt better immediately after my massage, and the next day I felt like a new woman! My body is no longer aching, my tummy is no longer cramping from constipation pains, honestly, I wake up ailment free! I cannot say THANK YOU enough to Restore You Massage!"

Allyson T.

"I went to Restore You Massage due to many years of chronic pain. After the first session, I could tell a big difference in my range of motion. MaryBeth not only has great massage techniques, she also has a vast wealth of knowledge in many different modalities. What impressed me the most about my very first appointment, was that MaryBeth absolutely cares about improving her client's well being. I recommended MaryBeth to my 92 year old mother and Mom raves about how much better she feels!"

Sue P.

"The day before Christmas my husband slipped off our icy back porch steps. Thankfully he did not sustain a fracture but could hardly move and spent the holidays in bed and weeks on the couch and carpet. His back would spasm and he would cry out in pain if he tried to get up or walk. He sees a chiropractor regularly and took the muscle relaxers and pain killers prescribed from the doctor but nothing really helped. Restore You Massage was recommended to us by a couple of relatives and we felt what have we got to lose? After only the first couple sessions my husband was able to walk again and was relieved of pain. It was amazing. MaryBeth took the time to get to know her patient's situation and history, explained what she was going to do beforehand and all throughout the therapy and, with her extensive knowledge, always takes the time to educate and foster well being. We absolutely would recommend Restore You Massage to anyone who deals with chronic pain or discomfort."

John and Robin W.

"A few years ago, I had back surgery that left me with a cage, two rods, and four screws in my lower back. Doctors sent me to physical therapy along with pain killers. The therapy did not help, and the pills just made me loopy. I have lived with back pain for a long time. I tried other massage therapists with no results. As a last resort, I tried Restore You Massage. The experience was amazing. Professional, knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable through the whole process. I guess the bottom line is that I no longer have back pain or any other pain. I left there feeling great and still do. A wonderful experience."

Darlene Christman

"I highly recommend Restore You Connective Tissue massage. I just got home from the most incredible experience. I have had many massages in the past, but MaryBeth and her highly knowledgeable techniques will keep me coming back for more. This was not like any previous massage. She has an extensive background on pinpointing the issues exactly where I needed it. I have the best range of motion after just one 90 min restorative therapy. So happy to be able to share this review with you ALL. Call her, book that apt now. You will not regret it! Tell her I sent you. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with me. My body loves you for it!"

Michelle B.

"I have found the benefits of my massages with MaryBeth to be extensive. MaryBeth works on the areas that are personally giving you difficulty and as she does, she interacts with you throughout the entire process getting your feedback. This allows her to release these areas of restrictions that are causing you problems while also being able to work with your comfort level. I have had long lasting results from her massages and I highly recommend that you see what she can do to relieve your pains."

Joyce M.

"I am very impressed with MaryBeth's knowledge of the body, body systems and natural healing methods. After my appointments, I not only feel better but also feel that I have learned new things about how to maintain and improve my health."

Chris G.